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More than fitness

" This program is unique and special because of the level of intentionality and relationship that the trainers provide. They're fully focused on the kind of results you value and do whatever it takes to get you there." 

- Zoe Caulder, Tulsa OK

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What we do

Understand you

We want to understand you and your personal goals.

Construct a playbook

We'll construct a personalized workout / nutrition playbook to propel you towards your goals.

Finish strong together

Results are not easy; that's why we'll be by your side to finish strong together.

Pushed to my full potential

" I've never been pushed to my full potential with lifting weights like I am with the finish strong team. The finish strong fitness team is awesome because they are with you every step of the way. " 

- Jimmie Roper, Willmore KY

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Our Story

Kristian Svendsen, Founder

'Everyone can start, but not everyone can finish. "Finish Strong!” was a phrase Roy Svendsen lived by every day. FSF’s founder, Kristian Svendsen, was constantly motivated by this phrase growing up and credits the ultimate inspiration for Finish Strong Fitness to his father. Now, he wants to share this motivation with anyone who is ready for it! If you are ready to reach your health and wellness goals, FSF will guide you on the path to success. At an extremely affordable price, the Finish Strong team comes alongside their clients and develops a playbook and maintains the motivation of a personal trainer without the need of someone watching your every move. With a lethal combination of natural movements and modern day exercise science, we teach you how to workout smarter, not harder.'

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